Hope (Poetry)

- Anup Joshi

Its just a dream. I know. 
But comes to my mind all the time.

In an emergency ward,
A six-year old boy is shaking his mother's body
(While the doctors are busy signing her death certificate)
as gently as possible
Pleading her to scold him, slap him once more over his face
Like she did when he arrived home late in the evening from the village playground
He awaits by her side, waiting for her to wake up from her sleep
Hope is a dangerous thing, my love.
A gigantic river has gone crazy
With its swollen, demonic face, pushed hard by the July rain
It dances Tandav across the houses built on the river-bank
All the villagers are fleeing uphill from their sanctuary in search of a safer ground
But in one of the houses,
An old man, totally reluctant to follow his children,
is praying to Almighty God
asking him to make his fragile home as stubborn as the big stone amidst the river
Hope is a dangerous thing, my love
Hope is a dangerous thing, my love!
One day, you walked away from me
Never to return again
I cried, pleading you to come back to me
You did not care to turn your eyes towards me
Drops fell through my cheeks to the ground
And a river that originated in my eyes flowed with you
I know you loved me once
In all of your dreams that you shared to me
I was the king of your imagination, you were my queen
In my arms, you slept carefree like a baby in her mother's lap
My kisses, you used to receive them like the most precious gifts
Now, I am waiting for you to come back to me
like a darling returning to her lover's arms in the evening
Hope is a dangerous thing, my love
I may lose my heart,
My youth might go in vain
My own shadow might reject to recognize me some day
But when its you for whom I am waiting
Hope, after all is a risk worth taking

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About Anup Joshi

Anup Joshi is an emerging young writer searching for space in Nepali literature. He writes poems, stories and lyrics for songs. As a student of English literature he loves reading books. He is also a passionate photographer and enjoys travelling.
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