And I wished all the best for their eternal relationship (Story)

And I wished all the best for their eternal relationship (Story)                   

---Anup Joshi


      During my intermediate college life, I was in love with this Mongolian faced-girl. After I saw her first time at the orientation class and felt attracted at the instant, I attempted to approach her by the medium of some nonsensical acts like borrowing note-copies which was of physically no use. Then gradually I gotta be somehow close with her. Added her on facebook/mig33 and started to give her a "hi" every time. There was no status and pictures of her untrodden by my like-comments. Every time I constantly gazed her though I felt reluctant to speak her face-to-face due to my suicidal introvert nature. When I got hold of her lousy Ncell number, I regularly called her every evening and we mostly talked about our personal school times and other histories. Of course there'd be long gaps during our phone talks. This way I was ruining lot of money but I didn't care a bit. At the time of internal college examination, we’d chat the whole night. And the result would be her name in the last row of failed-list, mine at the first. Lol! Both failed anyway. Time went by and I couldn't stop proposing her. I felt real bad when she literally denied my proposal. All my dreams were going into vain. I was getting tormented all the time. I started writing poems, ghazals, lyrics and outlet my feeling of despair through them. I even sketched dozens of her pictures. We were chatting still after that incident, but sometimes she didn't even care to receive my phone calls and reply my messages for months. I would constantly gaze her at college all the time but couldn't dare to whisper a word to her. Her body was getting stout everyday and due to pimples on her face, she was looking awful. But my love was miraculously increasing every moment.
                          As soon as final examination was finished, I rushed towards home and during those days I occasionally called her. She occasionally received my phone, and we chatted for hours. She would suggest me to approach other girls and I'd say that she is the only girl in my sight. I'd exaggerate that I am gonna die if she says "no" and she'd superficially reply "I don't care whether you live or die".
                          Kathmandu became my shelter after I joined BA major English. I was observing strange things and meeting lots of poets in this city. With the abrupt change in place and people around, she was gradually fading from my memories. But still I was calling her like once in 3 months, and these times she was informing me that she has a boyfriend. She loved him and both of them were enjoying this relationship. I stopped to express my love as it was totally meaningless now.
                          In one phone-talk, she said that she is in Kathmandu. Though I was pretty sure she won't meet me at any cost, I requested her to meet me once. Unexpectedly, she agreed. We greeted each other the next day. I was totally nervous. She said that I developed fattish and was looking antonym of good. In response, I lied that her beauty was multiplying. In the meantime, she got a phone call which she said that was of her bf. He was waiting her nearby. Through her, I came to know that he was my mig33 friend for a long time. She offered him to join us, but according to her, he denied due to his shy nature. Later on due to her request, I had to talk him on her phone and invite him though he was going to be burden for me. Thence he came. We went to a coffee shop and drank coffee. He was rarely participating in our talks and he expressed his willingness to depart as he didn’t want to disturb us. I was totally shocked as he was doing this lousy job of leaving his girlfriend for a meeting with a guy who attempted to seduce her all the time. Though initially I was feeling rage towards him for getting hold of my love, gradually due to his generosity I began to develop some positive attitude towards him.
                          Every activities of that guy were filled with love and care towards her. It was astonishing thing for me. I tried to recall how much I have love for her. I remembered that we had never been on outdoor dating. I never talked face-to-face with her. Our thread of relation was non-existential beyond Facebook/Mig33 and phone calls.
                           There were smokers on the coffee shop and she was getting irritated to the smell. The guy spontaneously offered to leave the restaurant and we did. Then we came to the main road and walked for a while. We soon stopped by a park and continued chatting. They congratulated me for the album release, in which my song was also included and said that I’m going to be a big writer someday. I thanked them. All the time I was observing their bonding and intimacy. They were as if made for each other. I felt my love gradually getting dimmer and dimmer in comparison with his. I was getting totally deaf and dumb at that moment. I realised that love is about friendship and eternal relationship. It is practical stuff and exists not in virtual world but in day-to-day life.
                         For the first time I got a call from her the same evening and she thanked me for the sketch of her which I had gifted her during our departure. I said that I had real good time with them the whole day and wished all the best for their eternal relationship
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About Anup Joshi

Anup Joshi is an emerging young writer searching for space in Nepali literature. He writes poems, stories and lyrics for songs. As a student of English literature he loves reading books. He is also a passionate photographer and enjoys travelling.
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