Addiction ---

Some wise guy told me that every worthy person is obsessed with at least one thing in this earth. When I checked myself with subtle consciousness, I was completely astonished that I found nothing in this earth I'm really addicted to. Then, I started to find one, just to prevent my life from being worthless . I tried studying the whole day but there arouse no interest. I bought cigarettes and smoked forcefully for the whole year. But it just gave me awful experience. I went to a big pub and drank whole bottle of alcohol every real night. And when there was break for some week, I had no willingness to drink this lousy liquor again in my life. In the same way, sometimes I tried to be turned into priest, sometimes into scoundrel, sometimes into player and so so on. But nothing could work on me. I couldn't stick eternally into any of them. I was totally hopeless for getting my life absurd and useless. Finally one day I saw you somewhere in some lousy college. Girl ! It killed me. I couldn't stop my eyes staring you and heart leaping towards you. The moment I can't find you in front of my eyes, I am used to get totally maniac. Girl! I'm fully addicted on you. Can't stop loving you every day and every seconds. You have made my life worthy. I love you ! I love you for every time that exists in between us.

-anup joshi
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About Anup Joshi

Anup Joshi is an emerging young writer searching for space in Nepali literature. He writes poems, stories and lyrics for songs. As a student of English literature he loves reading books. He is also a passionate photographer and enjoys travelling.
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