Ode to my sister

Ode to my sister 

-Anup Joshi

If you reach too low or too high
you needn't feel frightened
For you'll get elevators to help you ascend or descend

If you're out in the dark night
you needn't feel frightened
For you'll see the moon , stars and fireflies
Twinkling to smash the inevitable darkness

If you're stuck in an infinite desert
you needn't feel frightened
For you'll get oasis sprouting around
And cactus plant accompanying you with natural beauty

Oh my sister !
The pack of fox may block your way
Any unpleasant nightmare may make you scare
A typhoon, A storm or any flood might try to sweep you
but you needn't feel frightened
you needn't feel grief of loneliness and solitude
For you'll have your brother arousing in any form
Always to get you rid from all the worldly difficulties
Always to keep your spirit high

Oh ! My beloved sister !
With the enthusiasm you possess and the love you get,
You can sail across any big ocean in the world.
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About Unknown

Anup Joshi is an emerging young writer searching for space in Nepali literature. He writes poems, stories and lyrics for songs. As a student of English literature he loves reading books. He is also a passionate photographer and enjoys travelling.
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